SnapTube v1.4.0

SnaptubeEvery once in a while, we watch videos, and we all enjoy them, don’t we? The most popular source of videos is, of course, YouTube, but now we have a better option for you. SnapTube v1.4.0 not only allows you to watch and explore new videos but also provide you the option to download YouTube videos on your device. Install SnapTube v1.4.0 on your phone to enjoy videos in a new way.

Highlights of SnapTube v1.4.0

SnapTube App v1.4.0 allows you to download videos from YouTube which you can enjoy later during your free time. You can select the video quality of the video that you would be downloading. It is recommended that you choose a video quality depending on that space that is available on your smartphone. And yeah, of course, the speed of your internet also matters. Along with videos, SnapTube v1.4.0 also allows you to download audio tracks. If you love watching videos, it is a must-have app on your smartphone. It is the second version of SnapTube v1.4.0.

How to Download SnapTube v1.4.0?

SnapTube v1.4.0 is not available on Google Play Store and therefore, you will have to download its APK file. The APK of SnapTube v1.4.0 is easily on a third party app store. Follow the steps given below to download and install SnapTube v1.4.0 on your device.

  1. Download SnapTube v1.4.0 from a third-party Android Store.
  2. Go to Settings and toggle on Unknown Sources.
  3. Click on the download APK file and tap on ‘Install.’

Wait for the installation procedure to be completed. When completed, tap on the app icon to open the app. The app will occupy a size of 3.91 MB on your smartphone.

Install SnapTube v1.4.0 today to watch and download your favorite videos on your Android smartphone.

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